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6 Tips to Add an Autumn Vibe to Your Home

Autumn is here, so maybe it is the right time to enjoy this colorful season. Let’s explore how to add that autumn vibe to your home. Stay cozy!

1. Enjoy the colors of autumn

Autumn is one of the most colorful season. Surround yourself with rich browns, deep oranges, golden yellow and earthy thones of green. Use all of them through pillows, blankets and other decorative elements.

2. Goodbye lightweight fabrics!

Naturally, the weather cools down. It is time to say goodbye to summer fabrics like cotton or linen. Make your home more cozy with velvet, faux fur, wool and chunky knits.

3. Best decoration? Nature!

Go for a walk, baby. Autumn gives us many opportunities to decorate our homes with natural elements. Leaves, acorns, pinecones, branches… Put them in rustic basket or clear glass jar and make them be a centerpiece.

4. Autumn must have: Candles

More than Christmas, for me the autumn is the right season to bring home all thoses scented candles. Enjoy all those autumnal fragrtaces like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, or apple cider. I can recommend to place them strategically in different corners of your home. This will make soothing and comforting atmosphere. But be careful!

5. Layers, layers, layers

Layering adds depth and comfort. Try plush rugs, soft blankets, and textured cushions to sofas, armchairs and beds. Don’t be afraid of experiments. Try different materials like faux fur, chunky knits, or embroidered fabrics.

6. Did we already mention centerpiece?

Every dining table deserve to have its own centerpiece. You can combine seasonal fruits like apples or pears with small pumpkins and pinecones.

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