8 Tips for Designing Pastel Bathrooms with Scent of Funky Details

Hey! If you’re tired of the same old bathroom aesthetics the same way I am, I’ve got an idea for you: make it pastel. Say goodbye to the usual and hello to a bathroom full of funky elements. Are you ready?

1. Pracital pastel palettes: Choose it wisely

Start with a palette of soft pastels that resonate with you. Think gentle shades like mint green, blush pink, and baby blue. These colors you can easily combine with other of your funky additions.

2. Not just classic tiles

Options are endless. So many tiles, so many shapes and decors. Don’t be afraid of trying them. Mix and match different sizes and shapes. Whether it’s herringbone, hexagons, or an interesting geometric arrangement, let your creativity flow. I can recommend to bring home some samples first to see how they look in your bathroom light 🙂

3. Go for a wallpaper

Big colorful motifs goes great with small tiles. Define whether you wanna use simply geometrical pattern or if you go for something more eccentrics as botanical motifs. Don’t forget to ensure it’s moisture-resistant.

4. Finally accessories: Time to splash some more color

Here’s where your bathroom gets its pop of personality. I am thinking about accessories like towels, mats and soap dispensers. Now you can use bold, contrasting colors. This is something that will be that cherry on top.

5. Mirror, mirror on the wall: Think beyond the frame

Upgrade your mirror game with a distinct shape. Blob mirrors are such a trend of this year, so let’s hope it will last 🙂

6. Shelves and storage: Don’t stay with ordinary

Swap ordinary shelves for something out of the ordinary. You can hang up colorful crates or repurpose vintage finds to display your cosmetics and jewellery. Mixing storage with style? That’s the goal.

7. Artistic accents: Hang your story

Elevate your bathroom’s ambiance with artwork that speaks to you. Whether it’s framed postcards, your own paintings or unique finds, these pieces add a personal touch.

8. Lighting matters: Illuminate with intent

Choose lighting fixtures that match your theme. Pendant lights, sconces or even a chandelier can make your funky vibe even better while providing practical illumination.

Bonus tip: Texture play for depth

To avoid a flat look try some textures. For example rich plush rug, wicker baskets or a worn wooden shelf.

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