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7 Wedding Cake Ideas You Need to See

Hey! What is that? Is there your day D coming? Yeah, so let’s see some wedding cakes. I tried to make many of them to inspire you. I hope that some of them will fit your wedding theme. Are you ready? Let’s start…

1. Fluffy Dreams: Cotton Candy Magic

What do you think? Fluffy cotton candy clouds as decoration is simply great idea. It’s like stepping into a dreamy dessert wonderland. Perfect for dreamy and pink weddings. Add some funky vibe to your party.

2. See-Through Sweetness: Transparent jello surprise

This is my dream: Transparent cake with many edible flowers inside. Your guests will be in for a treat that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the taste buds.

3. Tangy twist: Citrus-Inspired vibes

This is some classic. Citruses aren’t just great to taste, they are beautiful decoration. Look, what do you think?

4. Storytelling sweetness: Folklore decor

This is something for me. As a big folklore fan I really enjoyed creating these. I think it can be really inspiring for someone with folklore background, someone who is planning traditional wedding but want to add something modern.

5. Blooms on the menu: Edible flowers everywhere

Mother Nature knows best. Edible flowers are must have in these days. I really fell in love with the blue cake. It has some vintage vibe and all those cherry decorations? O–M–G.

6. Bubble Bonanza: Gelatin Edible Bubbles

And now, what do you think about gelatin bubbles? I was thrilled when I discovered them. It is funky, it is playful, it is definitely something that your guests will love.

7. Groovy vintage: 70s-Inspired retro charm

Groovy, psychedelic, disco vibes. It is all I can think when I see those 70s inspired cakes. I like the bold colors. Just imagine all sweets in sweet bar in this style.

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