6 Tips to Add Plants to Your Kitchen

Any #crazyplantparents here? I am one of you, guys. So let’s see how you can incorporate plants to your culinary oasis. In this article we will explore 6 tips on how to it even better than you thought you could.

1. Number 1 rule: Indoor plants

Don’t you think that you can plant anything that you see outside, right? Best option for kitchen is herbs like basil, thyme and rosemary, all those herbs adapt well to various light conditions. Also many others will survive as pothos. Pothos is great to create that jungle vibe.

2. Light? Big questionmark

Not many of you has huge kitchen windows, so it is necessary to decide which plants place to this room and where. Some plants require direct sunlight, while others can flourish in shadier spots. Hang pots near windows, place them on countertops, or display them on open shelves.

3. Use different plant pots. Or not.

Be creative with choosing right plant pots. You can go with simplicity and choose terracota. Or not. Make it crazy, use mason jars or repurpose unique items like old teapots or tin cans. It is always better to have containers with proper drainage to avoid overwatering, so if it is needed, make one.

4. Blend the styles

Consider matching the style of the containers with your existing decor to make it look more beautiful. This way, your plant babies will blend harmoniously with the vibe.

5. Herbs, herbs, herbs

Having fresh herbs easily accessible in your kitchen is both: practical and eye-pleasing. Create a small herb garden using pots or a vertical wall-mounted garden.

6. Don’t forget to take care of those little ones

Taking care of your kitchen plants is crucial for their well-being. Ensure they receive the appropriate amount of water, according to the specific needs of each plant. Regularly cut off dead leaves and check any signs of pests or diseases. Are you going on a vacation? Place all of the plants close together away from direct sun. This way they will have higher humidity.

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