Power of pastel colors: One kitchen many living room options

Hey! It is not that long ago when I absolutely fell in love with colorful interiors. My absolute love is pastel colors, so let’s see how you can combine them in your home.

Ok, so I created this stunning pastel kitchen with one of the AI tools. My prompt was based on pastel colors, lot’s of daylight and some vibrant details.

This kitchen is almost my dreamy one. I love those yellow chairs and blueish details.

We’ve got the kitchen covered, but what about the rest of the space? I was thinking about adding a cozy little living room. But my main questions was: How it should look like? What colors should we use? Is it ok to use blue? Will be more pink too much pink?

I wasn’t thinking for long time, I simply created many others options. So let see how it went 🙂

Warm and cozy

Choosing warm and cozy colors with pink tones can be a bit tricky. I’ve got some cool ideas that can help you out. Check ‚em out!

Me personally I love the first option with yellow sofa the most. It is just my style. Scandi, comfy and cozy. I like how the pillows work as something that connect living room space with kitchen. How about you?

Chill and calm

Need something calmer? Let’s try the soothing blueish and grey tones. They have the power to create a tranquil vibe and can calm vibrant color explosions around you.

Grey and blue is a safe space. It is always good option, it is not crazy it has some spark and I really like it.

Creative and cool

Ok, now I have to confess: I am totally green-loving person. Green is my favourite color, I love every tone of it. And who can blame me? Green is simply fabulous in every way. Whether it’s the deep, rich shades, the soft and gentle pastels or the refreshing mint tones.

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