More pastel inspiration for your living room and kitchen

Welcome, everyone! As you maybe already know, I am big fan of pastel colors and interior design. Bring it together aaaaand… Here we go. Let me serve you another portion of pastel inspiration.

My favourite two tones to pair is pink and blue. After all those years of uni white kitchen I think it is time to make our homes more colorful. But use it wisely. You can have all the counters pink but be careful with choosing any other colors. You don’t want to have your home in style of unicorn sh*t. But wait… Why not? 🙂

One of the aspects of pastel-colored living rooms is their ability to make a room feel light, airy and cozy. This effect is very beneficial for smaller spaces, as it gives the illusion of a larger area. So it is perfect for your tiny flat 🙂

You can also consider incorporating vintage or antique furniture pieces. If it is not an ancient masterpiece you can consider to do some diy. Just use pastel tone of paint and be creative.

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